Friends of Marshall Square Park


Here they come!

A Beautiful Gift!

Last December, Ben & Pete Rotteveel of
Dutch Grown LLC
donated 2,000 daffodil bulbs — 13 different varieties — to FMSP for planting naturalized drifts in five areas of the park.

On the E. Biddle Street drift, many daffodils are up and out. In other areas, many sprouts peek out for their first time.

Our heart-felt thanks go to Dutch Grown who successfully grow and export high quality flower bulbs to greenhouse growers, landscapers, botanical  gardens, garden centers, and independent gardeners worldwide. If you love flower bulbs, spread the word about Dutch Grown!

Just before planting season ended, Manuel, Luis, and José of Eastern Horticultural Services (EHS) planted all 2,000 bulbs — it took 45 hours!

Look for the four naturalized drifts at E. Marshall near the playground, N. Franklin near the back entrance, E. Biddle in three areas, and N. Matlack near the Monument.

Thanks go to PJ Walraven, Scott Winterbottom, and John Hershbell of EHS who donated toward the bulb installation and consistently help FMSP with park projects, especially the fountain project when they provided labor to excavate soil in the basin area.

EHS Eastern Horticultural Services
34 Ways Lane
Kennett Square, PA 19348

The 13 Daffodil Varieties
400 Pheasant’s Eye
200 Cheerfulness
150 Papillion Blanc
125 Central Station
250 Yellow Cheerfulness
300 Tahiti
150 Pink Charm
250 Geranium
350 Green Garden
200 Ara
200 Marieke
150 Lisa
150 Bravoure
500 Naturalizing Mix

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