Wish List

2014 Fountain Basin Investigative Excavation
2014 Fountain Basin Investigative Excavation. Enlarge




  1. Restore original 1899 cast iron fountain
  2. Restore original fountain’s masonry basin
  3. Install electric and plumbing for working fountain
  4. Replace original cast iron perimeter fence (beyond restoration)
  5. Lighting
  6. Security
  7. Construct a fountain equipment addition to the restrooms


  1. Level and relay the existing brick fountain surround
  2. Remove the macadam walk from the fountain to the street corner
  3. Relay the existing brick swale as a new brick walk to the street corner
  4. Add a brick entry apron feature at the street corner
  5. Add cast iron bollards at the street corner to protect the fountain area from vehicular traffic
  6. Install new bench at SEPTA bus stop
  7. Add landscaping along the new brick walk


  1. Install Marshall Square Park signs at the major park entrances


Between 2008 and 2010, FMSP funds supported structural renovations. See before & after photos (link to Swiss Cottage post, then scroll to the bottom). For a look back in time, play the historical video, “After the Fire.”

  1. Excavate soil away from wooden foundation beam, buried below grade
  2. Create a proper drain swale for water drainage around structure
  3. Treat the soil for termite infestation
  4. Repair broken window panes, repair and paint window sashes, install new, recessed security grills
    • David Schoettle of West Chester donated the window sash repair
  5. Repair/replace wood foundation beams with pressure-treated lumber and synthetic lumber trim boards
  6. Repair/replace diagonal exterior framing members
  7. Treat exposed wooden sheathing with clear sealer
  8. Remove paint drips from split-log siding, treating logs with clear sealer
  9. Install cross-member trim boards on entry doors, replace door hinges and add new door-pull hardware
  10. Install a new fascia board trim and metal drip edge along roof edges, repair valley flashing as required
  11. Repaint all diagonal exterior framing members, foundation beam and roof trims
    Haley Paint Company, 1303 West Chester Pike, donated several gallons of paint
    Jeff Beitel with help from Dick Sabo donated all painting work to date.
  12. Repair roof hit by a fallen tree in 2015
    To appreciate the last four items, play the historical video, “After the Fire.”
  13. Finish the interior walls and ceiling finishes
  14. Reinforce the roof sheathing
  15. Install new wood shingle roof and decorative finials
  16. Install interior wiring and underground electrical service


  1. Replace motion sensor light with more appropriately styled light sensor fixture mounted in center of gazebo ceiling
  2. Remove graffiti
  3. Replace the missing rustic log bracing members
  4. Replace the missing half-log skirting trim
  5. Repair the broken edges of flooring at the entrance


  1. Re-lay existing brick sidewalks on E. Biddle and N.Matlack Streets
  2. Install clay brick sidewalk along N. Franklin Street
  3. Install clay brick sidewalk along E. Marshall Street where possible
  4. Replace the stair railing on E. Lafayette Street


  1. Replace existing cobra-head lights atop telephone poles with historically appropriate lampposts along street sidewalks and the internal diagonal pathway


  1. Replace existing trash cans with historically appropriate and durable fixtures
  2. Replace (with historically appropriate and durable fixtures) existing park benches through $5,000 bench sponsorships— as of early 2016, sixteen benches are sponsored


  1. Repair and improve brick paving at the access drive entry at the corner of E. Biddle and N. Franklin Streets
  2. Improve the access drive with the right amount and type of gravel fill


  1. Conduct a study of the current state of health for the major specimen trees and develop a plan for their care
  2. Maintain the tree identification markers, replacing them when vandalized
  3. Establish a written tree care and replacement policy with the Borough’s Urban Forester


  1. Replace existing fixtures with more historically-compatible fixtures in both design and color
  2. Install a toddler-friendly playground
  3. Extend paved internal pathway through/around playground to connect with park entry at E. Marshall & N. Matlack Streets and make ADA compliant
  4. Install a safety screen of evergreen plants at E. Marshall and N. Franklin Streets


  1. Coordinate with the private group to restore the monument
  2. Consider the restoration of the historic pathway patterns around the monument
  3. Consider the lighting of the soldier statue atop the monument
  4. Daily Local News Article

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