Friends of Marshall Square Park


About Friends of Marshall Square Park

Our Mission

Friends of Marshall Square Park is a group of concerned neighbors formed to support the care, preservation, and improvement of our park for the benefit of the citizens of the Borough of West Chester.


  • Preserve the Park, including the arboretum, hardscape, and all historic structures. 
  • Heighten awareness at the Borough Parks and Recreation Department and among Borough Council members of the existence and mission of the Friends of Marshall Square Park.
  • Prioritize and define Park projects and present them for approval and funding to the borough.
  • Raise funds through membership fees, donations, grants, and fundraising events.
  • Increase membership and awareness of our group by advertising in borough publications and promoting our group and its mission via literature drops, events, newspaper articles and word of mouth.
  • Encourage responsible use of the Park for all residents to enjoy by promoting appropriately-scaled community activities in the Park.

Volunteers Needed!

Your skills and enthusiasm can make a big difference, and any amount of time you can donate is greatly appreciated! We are currently seeking a Vice President, as well as help on the Events, Concerts, and Communication/Membership Outreach committees.

This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the West Chester community. By volunteering with us, you’ll play a crucial role in enhancing and maintaining a beloved historical site and popular outdoor area cherished by our local community.

Current Officers

Position Name Contact:
President Jeffrey C. Beitel [email protected]
Vice President OPEN POSITION [email protected]
Recording Secretary Veronica Balassone [email protected]
Treasurer Linda C. Scott [email protected]
Webmaster Emily Murphy / Cheshire Digital Marketing [email protected]


Name Chair(s) Members Contact
Communications Committee Lane Randall Jim Salvas
Events Committee Susan Sabo and Beth Soldwisch Ronnie Balassone, Kelly McCulrey, Sue McCutcheon, Lee Miller, Angela Payson, Kathy Talley, Marion White, Betsy Woodrow [email protected]
Fountain Committee Anne Walters Jeff Beitel, Rick Ammons, Roger Lacy [email protected]
Membership Committee Rick Ammons Dianne Ammons [email protected]
Park Cleanup Committee Eric Miller Jeff Beitel
Playground Committee Chantale Fieldhouse Donna & Craig Jordon, Pat Loew, Mary Kay McCann, Adriana Trajtenberg, Gordon Woodrow [email protected]