Friends of Marshall Square Park


What Will it Be?

Swing by the North Franklin side of Marshall Square Park (near Biddle) to see an amazing transformation over the next few weeks. Noted tree carver, Marty Long, is transforming a large tree trunk into a fantastic sculpture.

This project came our way after the borough hired a tree service to top and remove a large red oak that dangerously shed limbs near the street. Because of a dispute with the contractor, the work halted, leaving behind a 16-foot tree trunk.

That’s when Friends of Marshall Square Park stepped in, seeing an opportunity to turn the loss of a tree into an enhancement for the park, a featured work of art for our neighborhood, an enduring asset.

After securing funds from donors, we sought and interviewed a number of tree carvers. Marty Long immediately stood out. Many people know his work, which graces public and private sites throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania. He is both skillful and creative. If you check his website at, you will see his work is just short of breathtaking.

People have asked, but neither we nor Marty know exactly how the finished sculpture will look. We asked that it be in keeping with its location and significant to both young and old. However, Marty likes to have the tree inspire him, and we have agreed …

It will be what the tree and Marty want it to be.

Stop by to find out along with us. Marty enjoys having people watch him work.

Photos by Jim Salvas