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By Renowned Local Artist JOHN SUPLEE
“THE SWISS COTTAGE” Limited Edition
Signed/Numbered Prints and Note Cards

$50 off framing at
Fast Frame Gallery, 27 W. Gay, Borough of WC
limited time

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What our Marshall Square Park trees do for us

Have you ever thought about what our trees do all day, every day?

An email volley called What’s happening to the trees? circulated because of the removal of many mature trees during High Street’s sidewalk renovation and drew in local experts.

A tree with a 24-inch girth will typically store more than 100 pounds of carbon, because trees are largely composed of carbon.

To achieve this girth, the tree has to remove more than 367 pounds of CO2 (a global warming pollutant) from the air. The bigger the tree, the more carbon it stores, and the more CO2 it removes from the air.

As long as a tree is healthy and not extremely old, it keeps taking out more carbon each year. Planting a new, young tree in place of a mature tree cannot mitigate the lost benefit; it takes about sixteen (16) young trees to make up for the loss of one mature tree.

So, now you know what our MSP trees are doing all day, every day. If you would like to know their names, click here.