Friends of Marshall Square Park


Luminaria Around the Park for Old Fashioned Christmas

Biddle Street Luminaria
Biddle Street Luminaria

With the help of the Boy Scouts (Troop 14), FMSP lights up the streets surrounding Marshall Square Park with over 300 luminaria for our town’s season kickoff in December—Old Fashioned Christmas (First Friday).

Franklin Street Luminaria
Franklin Street Luminaria

Click each photo to feel the splendor 🙂

We urge all houses on the four blocks facing Marshall Square Park to take part in this community celebration. In earlier years, nearly 1000 luminaria lit up our neighborhoods — quite spectacular! Please join us this year for the best display ever!

Anatomy of a Luminaria PDF
2015_1114FMSPAnatomy of a Luminaria
1. The cost of the luminaria this year is $1.00 for ONE bag with candle. Sand is not included.

2. Sand can be purchased at a local hardware store. A1 lb. coffee can per bag should be enough. Fun Fact: you can expect to get about 25 full coffee cans from one 40 lb. bag of sand!

3. It is recommended that you purchase one of the butane lighters with the long necks to light the candles in the bags.

4. Placing the bags on the inside (house side) of the sidewalk is best, so people can get in and out of parked cars and so the cars don’t totally obscure the light.

5. Pick up is at the Walters’ house, 224 E. Biddle Street starting DECEMBER 2nd through DECEMBER 4th. Please EMAIL Anne Walters at: [email protected] with your name, how many luminaria you would like and when you want to pick them up.

6. OPTION – For the 4 blocks that FACE the park only: If you would like to hire the Scouts to set up your luminaries for you (take down and cleanup is included), the cost for this service is $2.00 per bag, with a $15 minimum charge. Please let Anne know if you would like to hire the Scouts for their help with the luminaries and how many you would like.

7. The Friends of Marshall Square Park are also asking everyone to try and get your “old fashioned” decorations up by Friday the 4th. That includes white candles in windows, garlands/wreaths on porches, railings, doors, windows (evergreen style).

8. These make great gifts!

9. Please consider donating an extra $5, $10 or $20 (or whatever you can afford) toward the “Luminaries Around the Park” sponsored by the Friends of Marshall Square Park. The group plans to line the perimeter of Marshall Square Park with the candlelight glow of approximately 300 Luminaries on December 4th!!

Aerial of Luminaria at East Marshall and North Matlack
Aerial of Luminaria at East Marshall and North Matlack