Donate to the Fountain Restoration

Friends of Marshall Square Park recovered the park’s historic fountain that once graced this spot (above). Join us as we restore its former glory and create a new, welcoming Gateway to West Chester.

Match one of the fountain’s five tiers, buy a line(s) to engrave on coping stones, and/or sponsor a new, aluminum/steel  Commemorative Park Bench.

Gift Recognition
Primary Benefactor
$45,000 Fountain Naming Rights
Central Plaque on Fence

Darlington, Hoopes &
Townsend Tier
(1 Plaque Left)
$10,000 Smaller Plaque on Fence


Many Granite Coping Stones & Benches
Humphry Marshall Tier
$5,000 Engraved Name on a
Granite Coping Stone
John Bartrum Tier
$2,500 Engraved Name on a
Half Granite Stone
1878 Tier
$1,250 Engraved Name on a
Quarter Granite Stone
New Park Bench
$5,000 10 x 5”  Engraved Bronze Plaque on New Park Bench

Fountain Granite Coping Stone Drawing
(Click drawing to enlarge)

FMSP Fountain Restoration Donor Dwgs 4-17-15

To print Fountain Project Pledge Card, Download PDF.2015_1229FMSPFountainCopingStoneDonorApplication

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