Friends of Marshall Square Park


Annual Park Spring Cleanup

Save The Date!


Here’s why … Over the year, our park shows the wear and tear of the good people who use it, of those who just walk through it, and nature. As they walk by, some special people pick up trash and put it in the trash/recycle cans. Borough trucks empty those weekly.

However, some users and walkers leave soda bottles/cans, cups, straws, food wrappers, sandwich bags, cigarette packs, tissues, coats, and even socks on the ground. Nature leaves tree branches, twigs, nuts, pine cones, and LEAVES.

Our good people don’t do any of that. They continue doing good and have their reward at the Annual Cleanups, having fun with FMSP members, friends, neighbors, family, their community, and local volunteer groups like West Chester University and the Rotary Club.

Our good volunteers get the satisfaction of contributing and the reward that comes with fellowship, a good workout, coffee, and donuts. They preserve and maintain a park that sets an example, becomes more beautiful, continues deserving our efforts, and draws attention to our special corner of the Borough.

So, join us on Saturday, April 27, 2019, from 8AM to Noon—or whenever you can!

Optional: bring sunscreen, water, gloves, rake, a wheelbarrow, or anything you think we need for cleaning, except maybe Windex.

Marshall Square Park Gazebo
E Marshall  &  N Matlack Streets
Eric Miller [email protected]