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A Walk in the Trees

Trees at Monument in Marshall Square Park 4/26/2014
Trees at the Monument in Marshall Square Park 4/26/2014 • Click to enlarge—breathtaking!
How did it go? Might there be a sequel?

Thanks for the note. We missed you, but the walk was wonderful.

We got to see our Kentucky Coffee tree! — Number 28 on Tree Location Map PDF below.

Was reminded of the significance of different leaf formations. Finally learned what those little red booties are that appear under the magnolias this time of year. In some ways, it was like a refresher of high school and college biology classes.

Ken (LeRoy) was absolutely charming; his enthusiasm for the park made everything ALIVE …and so fortunate for we who have it.

Not sure if Ken will come back, but there are others with other points of view that we should encourage to teach us about what we have!

Marshall Square Park Tree Location Map • June 27, 2012

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