Friends of Marshall Square Park


3rd Annual Progressive Dinner

2009, February 7 (Saturday)

Members Only
+ their guests

At the four neighborhood homes of our…


George & Adriana Trajtenberg
5 to 5:45 PM •
Apps & Cocktails
Stan & Dianne

6 to 6:45 PM •
Judy & Jerry

7 to 8 PM •
Main Dish
Connie & Tom

8:15 to 9 PM •

  • Chris and I had a really great time! It’s so nice to commune with all your neighbors — even if it’s only once a year.The food was outstanding! And it’s always a treat to see inside some of these houses that I fantasize about on my dog walks.
    Thank you, Linda [Scott], for organizing this. I hope it continues next year.
    —Laura B. (former Host)
  • Once again, the Friends of Marshall Square Park Progressive Dinner was a joyous event. I want to thank the four families who shared the warmth of their homes and made us feel part of their lives for the evening. Like the candles which guided our way, they helped make this year’s Progressive Dinner a bright light in a dark winter.Personally, I’ll remember learning a bit of local history from Hugh Purnell, talking about our town with neighbors of long-standing such as Doris Davis and getting to know new neighbors like the Gallos. It was all a treat.
    —Jim S. (FMSP Secretary)
  • It is a great opportunity to visit with so many neighbors. I hope we might now try to do twice a year. With so many nice patios etc. I would be happy to do barbecue as main course.
    —Gordon W. (former Host)
  • It was great meeting the neighbors. The food was great. Thanks again. I think we should have a progressive garden party in the summer. Pet friendly.
    —Barbara M. (FMSP member)
  • Great soups! Want the recipes! Awesome hosts and terrific homes too! Looking forward to ’10 and suggesting a summer progressive dinner too!
    —The DePhillips (former Hosts)
  • A truly JOYOUS event!! An evening of smiles, sincere handshakes, hugs, and pats on the back for those we just met or haven’t seen for a long time. With the frigid cold weather we’ve had, it was just a delight to go to Beautiful Homes filled with warmth, friendship & laughter! Friends and neighbors talking about their children & their grandchildren. People talking about their pets, their loved ones and even their future goals. It was warm and refreshing! It was a WONDERFUL escape to almost a fantasy world for a short while where we could forget all the bad stuff and be to thankful for all the GOOD STUFF that an evening of food and wine and wonderful neighbors GAVE to EACH OTHER! Thanks to all!!!
    —Debbie P. (FMSP member)
  • Had a great time as always! Good food, good conversations, great houses!!! Three of the houses this year were ones I have been wanting to get inside for years to see what they were like.
    —Jane D. (Guest, Architectural Historian)
  • The Progressive Dinner was so enjoyable that I have already marked my calendar for next year’s event and it’s only the day after. Meeting some neighbors and reconnecting with others that I haven’t seen since the last progressive dinner enhances my feeling like part of the community. I cherish it. I thank the hosts for generously opening their homes, serving tasty food, and creating warm environments for us to visit.Linda, thanks for your organization and follow-through on this fabulous event!
    —Susan S. (FMSP Member)
  • I had NO idea that Holly is 63!!! Holy cow I hope I look that young at 63! Must be the clean air filtered by our wonderful Park.
    —Patrick M. (FMSP Member)
  • Linda, I just had this wonderful idea. Collect all the recipes from the progressive dinners and publish a cook book as a fundraiser. The first could be prepared before the 5th progressive dinner but include the recipes for the 5th. It could be a simple paperback edition. I know that anyone who has attended the first three dinners would love to have recipes. Of course this booklet would have to include a “How to organize a progressive dinner party and how to make it fun.” I would definitely include your Gong.Aside from my idea and on another topic Saturday evening was lovely. My congratulations to you for planning such a wonderful event.
    —Shelagh P. (FMSP Member)
  • Dianne makes incredible soup and Jerry must have been trouble as a youth because he was way too comfortable with a pool cue. This is my favorite neighborhood event and we have great neighbors!
    —Tom M. (Host)
  • I really enjoyed hosting this event. I loved opening our home and got a lot of pleasure out of making the soups for everyone to enjoy. And special thanks to Anne Walters for nudging me along to the main course and dessert. I’m so glad I didn’t miss it! I hope we can do a summer event.
    —Dianne H. (Host)