Friends of Marshall Square Park



2008, February 2 (Saturday)
Members Only
+ their guests

At the four neighborhood homes of our…


Maria & Charles Wills
5 to 5:45 PM • Appetizers & Cocktails

Betsy & Gordon Woodrow
6 to 6:45 PM • Soups

Sandy & Mark DePhillips
7 to 8:00 PM • Main Dish

Mary Kay & Bob McCann
8:15 to 9 PM • Dessert, Coffee

  • I am forwarding my checks today. The 2007 progressive dinner was one of the most fun events that I attended last year! —Shelagh P. (Guest)
  • Did we have a great time last night or what? —Linda S. (Officer and Organizer)
  • Great dinner on Saturday! —Jane D. (Guest)
  • We had a GREAT time!!!!! I think the timing of the event is perfect. Where can you have dinner and drinks, great conversation AND help a cause that effects all of our daily lives in some way for that price??? —Laura B. (former Host)
  • Thanks for all your hard work. It looks like this fundraiser is off to a solid start. —Charlie & Marcia W. (Hosts)
  • It was indeed a terrific evening. We thoroughly enjoyed the homes (and only the responsibility to eat, drink and be merry this year). —Patrick M. (former Host)
  • Linda, Once again you hit a home run with the progressive dinner!!ÊMany thanks for all your help in coordinating a great event. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. —Jeff B. (Officer)
  • First, Linda — thanks for all that you did to make things run so smoothly! Everyone that I have talked to has said such nice things about the whole evening. Congratulations on a great evening! —Anne W. (Officer emeritus)
  • Thank you for organizing it all. I think everything went very well last night. —Mary Kay M. (Host)
  • Fun night! I am happy to do it again as a host. —Sandy D. (Host)