FMSP Fall 2012 Garden/Block Party

After a spot-on call to exercise our first Rain Date, the Friends of Marshall Square Park held a very successful Fall Garden Party on Sunday, September 23. Our Treasurer, Linda Scott, thinks this fundraiser for restoring our fountain set a record on gross receipts.

For the first time, this fundraiser was also a block party; the hosts arranged with the Borough to close Matlack Street between Virginia Avenue and Elizabeth Street.

Chaddsford Winery served complementary wine from the front garden of Ronnie Balassone and Dr. Kirby Tirk while across the street, Victory Brewing Company offered beer at Betsy and Gordon Woodrow’s front wall. Food tables stretched across the street filled with tables topped with white cloths and candles.

As the group gathered, greetings rang out and talk and laughter filled the street under the tall trees as twilight approached. In the gathering dusk, we started to notice the luminaries and twinkling lights among the trees. Nikolay Gavlishin, a WCU music student, played classical guitar softly in the background as neighbor talked with neighbor.

As darkness descended, a bonfire was lit. And, too soon, it was time to call it a night—to fold up the tables and say goodnight to all.

Until our next gathering—the eagerly-awaited Progressive Dinner, which falls on Groundhog Day, February 2, 2013—please consider donating a little something to help us raise the funds needed to restore and reinstall our fabulous Victorian fountain email for donating instructions.

Jim Salvas (aka camerajim)
FMSP Secretary

2 Responses

  1. eric miller

    I looked down that dusky lane, the tall old trees leaning, the white table cloths, the crisp first smell and feel of autumn, murmuring leaves, murmuring voices. All friends, all there, maybe all there to fund something we all love, the park, maybe just there because we all were. I think we might forget it by the time we go to bed if you didn’t remind us how lucky we are. Thank you!


  2. Holly Brown

    Thank you so much for a great event!! I just couldn’t get over how beautiful everything was and what a great atmosphere it was for an end-of-summer party. And all for a great cause, the restoration of our fountain. Thank you Ronnie, Kirby, Betsy, and Gordon.

    And Mary Kay McCann’s idea of donating the leftover food to St. Agnes Church is great!! So now there are other people who will benefit and the leftovers won’t go to waste.

    I am so happy that I live in such a great neighborhood!!



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