Daily Local News, March 24, 1922 • About Marshall Square.

There are now some visitors to Marshall Square on pleasant days and they enjoy the sight of the squirrels and the gentle breezes, but the number is not great.

The two new male squirrels introduced to the collection in the big enclosure soon became acquainted with the others. There were some lively battles until a boss was decided upon, after which peace has reigned.

Many robins have arrived at the park and are looking for locations for nests. They will commence building within a short time. Many blackbirds visit the trees in the evening and roost there over night. Other species will arrive shortly and then there will be a noisy time while they are mating and preparing to rear families.

A new consignment of fish will be needed for the fountain pool when it is filled for the season. Just now there is no water in the basin and it is filled by an accumulation of leaves, bricks and rubbish. It will be thoroughly cleaned before the water is turned on.

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