Fountain Returning to Standby Mode

Last Day: 6am to 11pm, Sunday, August 14, 2016

Until just before its
Rededication on September 24, 2016,
the fountain returns to standby mode for
construction of its surrounding plaza.

In case you haven’t seen it soar, stop by today!

FMSP Fountain July 2016

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2 Responses to Fountain Returning to Standby Mode

  1. Lee Miller says:

    It has been so beautiful to see these last few weeks…can’t wait til it’s permanent!


  2. Eric Miller says:

    Ah but it has been beautiful.

    *Eric Miller* *Author *Vintner’s Apprentice *Winemaker/**Founder* Chaddsford Winery Benmarl Vineyards

    (610) 574 6445

    201 E Marshall St West Chester, PA 19380 USA


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