[Return to Original 1889 Fountain, The Year 2012]

Holly Brown, FMSP member and Borough Council President, sited the original fountain last Friday. Jeff and Mary Veale, the current owners of Southdown—with help from Gene and Joan Gagliardi, former owners of the farm—donated the fountain back to the borough.

Yesterday—Monday May 14, 2012—a group* went by car caravan to the fountain’s site, loaded it on a truck, and brought it home. The dismantled, rusted parts of this beautiful cast iron fountain now rest inside the park’s recently restored 1878 Swiss Cottage.

We have much to do to return the fountain to its former glory at the corner of E. Marshall and N. Franklin Streets—it’s in the header photo above (click for details)—but its return today was a much sought-after accomplishment. We will keep you informed and will be asking for your help with this big project. For now, join us as we celebrate its return.

We are so excited about this, we notified the press. Read the accounts, see photos in the Daily Local News and a video in West Chester Patch.

* Jeff Beitel (FMSP President), Holly Brown (FMSP Executive Committee), Gene and Joan Gagliardi (former fountain owners), Tom McEvoy (FMSP Executive Committee), Bill Mitman and Cathy Wilson (Truck Owners/Drivers), Lane Randall (FMSP Webmaster), Jim Salvas (FMSP Secretary), Anne Walters (FMSP Vice President) and Anne’s son, Travis Walters (the wind beneath our old wings).

[Return to Original 1889 Fountain, The Year 2012]

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