Members Only
+ their guests

At the four neighborhood homes of our…


  • Laura Barton and Chris Vely
    Appetizers & Cocktails
  • Peg and Paul Eberts
  • Hannah Gardner and Pat O’Donnell
    Main Dish
  • John Cigler and Patrick McCoy
    Desserts & Coffee

About fifty members and guests of Friends of Marshall Square Park were royally wined and dined during our first Progressive Dinner. Organized by Linda Scott, the event — more a Friendraiser than Fundraiser, although we netted $131.95 — was flawlessly planned, perfectly timed, and served to remind us all of our exceptional neighbors.

Setting a very high (but not too high) standard for the hosts of our next progressive dinner, our first hosts went all out:

  • Laura and Chris presented a delicious, colorful, artistic assortment of appetizers from humus to a spectrum of peppers and served anything you wanted to drink.
  • The Eberts’ soups were Roasted Pepper and Harvest Squash with spiced apple, accompanied by yummy cheesy bread twists and wine. The fireplaces were blazing.
  • Hannah and Pat’s beef chilli had all the fixin’s, from cilantro to sour cream. Vegan chilli, black beans and whole-corn bread completed the entrée.
  • Pat and John served two cheesecakes—out of this world—one, a caramel apple and the other, chocolate. A large assortment of pastries, cookies, and delicious coffees accompanied dessert wine contributed and served by Bob and Gayle Teti.

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